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Indiana University Bloomington

Knall-Cohen Fund

For students interested in an experience that mimics the typical sell-side research analyst experience, the real-money Knall-Cohen Fund exists. The Fund is an endowment position in the Indiana University Foundation donated by David Knall and Jeff Cohen of Stifel Nicolaus in Indianapolis for the purpose of helping students gain experience with stock analysis. Each student analyst is assigned a sector from which they choose to focus on a particular industry and, from that industry, select a stock to pitch to an outside board of directors from the investment industry.

The course consists of a number of meetings in the fall semester designed to assist the student in thinking about selecting a stock and how to conduct their analysis of that stock. The focus is a fundamental analysis of the company. Although there are formal meetings, the experience can best be thought of as an independent research project with continuous feedback and guidance from the faculty supervisor.

The course typically requires the student to write an analysis of the sector/industry assigned, provide a brief buy/sell decision regarding the portfolio’s stock, a written stock recommendation report complete with models, and a presentation of the stock idea to the board. The primary learning experience consists of the report writing, the financial model building, and the oral presentation. In the presentation, the student is given about 15-20 minutes to make the case for owning the stock and then fields questions from investment professionals regarding the recommendation for 10-15 minutes. Traditionally, the presentation occurs early in the spring semester.

Applications to the Knall-Cohen Fund will become available at the beginning of the spring semester. Successful applicants will have a final round interview with Prof. Weakley and take the class in the fall of their sophomore year.

Please feel free to view the application.

Also, please feel free to learn more about the fund via this primer