Curriculum Vitae

Name: Xuan Tian

Birthplace: Beijing, China

Birthday: May 24, 1978


2003---Present:  Ph.D. in Finance, Carroll School of Management, Boston College

2001---2003: M.A. in Economics, Department of Economics, University of Washington

1997---2001: Bachelor in Economics, School of Economics, Peking University

1991---1997: Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University

Working Papers

1.  The Role of Venture Capital Syndication in Value Creation for Entrepreneurial Firms

2.  "Preparing" Equity Market for Corporate Events: Theory and Evidence on Firms Cutting Dividends (with Thomas J. Chemmanur)

3.  Geography, Staging, and Venture Capital Financing

4.  Keep a Tight Leash: What Does Staged Venture Capital Financing Tell the Market?

Research In Progress

Honors and Awards


        2007: Southwestern Finance Association Annual Meetings

      Midwest Finance Association Annual Meetings      

      Seventh Annual Transatlantic Doctoral Conference

        2007: Financial Management Association Annual Meetings

                  Southern Finance Association Annual Meetings

                  Eastern Finance Association Annual Meetings

                  Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance

                  International Business Review

Teaching Experience:

Research Experience:

College Graduation Paper (Permanent Working Paper):